Delta makes chatting better

All chat now with WhatsApp, Instagram or similar - well not all, but quite a lot. About six billion email addresses exist in the world and over one billion chat now, instead of emailing. Just why? Chatting is the easiest way to communicate.

This ease is rewarded. And that, although there are several rubs. Both the sender and the recipient must register both at WhatsApp or at comparable trade fairs. Only then it is easy. The small hurdle is quickly done if the sender persuades the recipient to take part in WhatsApp, too - especially if the new member passes the 20 pages of the Terms and Conditions with a quick checkmark - without having to read this annoying test. For what? He wants to get in, where all his friends are already long.

With 29 dollars in favor of WhatsApp, the market judged this free advertising of a new member, at the time when Facebook bought WhatsApp.

It’s even easier to allow WhatsApp access to your address book. And there is the next catch on the matter. If you accept the terms and conditions, you have to go to the WhatsApp, WhatsApp assumes that all addressees in the address book are in agreement with the company and your whole network of relationships. Practically, however, no one asks anybody for approval. Example: You have 30 friends in your address book. You set WhatsApp access. A click for you, 30 new addressees are known and 900 bucks ring for WhatsApp in the cash desk. And should there really be trouble, im in doubt you are guilty. The company is in any case fine.

Even business relationships with sensitive data are already running through the private servers of American or Russian corporations - under their terms. The German bank bans WhatsApp on service handys. If pharmacies accept recipes via WhatsApp, just to give themselves a modern image or perhaps to keep customers, will the ads of psychologists or psychiatrists soon appear in your advertising?

Data protectionists, sometimes even parents, criticized the business with their children and spying on their relationships. Without great success so far. Besides, they have nothing better to offer. Fun spoils do not score, nerve rather.

And what do the e-mail operators actually do, as their competitors are growing rapidly and more and more customers migrate? They do not do anything??. No e-mail provider had so far made their lives as easy as WhatsApp & Co. could. Perhaps they just admire the problem.

Everything not so important? Thinking experiment: Imagine that WhatsApp was already invented in the Weimar Republic. Then the Nazis came to power. Now the Gestapo has to pay a very discreet visit to only a few corporations, and they already know every Jew, regime boss - even if they were never on WhatsApp. And they know who blows with whom. With the aid of the movement profiles, they also know where the best would be to arrest. Spinning Look to Poland, Hungary, America, Turkey

Delta Chat Logo

Since some days, there is a real alternative to WhatsApp. It is called “Delta Chat”. Who is the new app on his mobile phone, can chat with six billion users - without having to persuade them once, to switch somewhere. Just email more, but now like chatting with selected people. Delta Chat feels like WhatsApp. If the partners want the same feeling, both delta chat load on their mobile phone - and both chat as with WhatsApp. But they must not have. One can also choose to chat alone.

Why Delta Chat is better? It takes advantage of WhatsApp immediately. Without having to make any convincing work, it is a l l e people on this planet who have an e-mail address - not just the WhatsApp members. If you want, use Delta Chat. Or not. Then he mails further classic.

Many reasons speak for Delta Chat. It ‘s fun to chat with friends, that’ s the point! It is data protection clean, in everyday life unfortunately no noticeable advantage. It brings fun, David vs. Goliath. Also be a bit of David. If you want to persuade somebody to join WhatsApp in the future, just answer “Delta Chat”.

What is missing (still)? Delta Chat runs on Android. The versions for Apple, Blackberry, etc. still need support. The same applies to the installation of the “end-to-end” encryption. And a lot of gameplay - there will probably never be a “finished”.