User Stories and Voices

more fun with e-mail

“A somewhat weird observation: sending and receiving emails with #DeltaChat makes the whole experience more enjoyable than using a traditional email client. I guess it’s about the modern approach: making emails looks like chat messages.”

Polish user on Mastodon

supports more than one account

“Hi team! Thanks for the app ; it is both extremely useful and the UX is near-to-perfect. Could you offer us easy switching between e-mail accounts? […].”
User, before we improved multiple accounts, on mastodon

audio and video call possible

“Coolest thing is it supports video and audio calls by creating a jitsi room and sending an invite, cool solution:)”

User on Mastodon

Can recommend to blind people

“I installed Delta Chat last night, just after writing to you, and I immediately noticed the improvement in accessibility […] And it works! And it’s accessible! And I can recommend the app to other blind people!
Good job guys! […]”

Blind user about the Android version in 2019, via e-mail to

“There’s this nice messenger, based on a simple email, called Delta Chat. I am happy that our Internet watchdog has made this app popular by trying to block it. It’s just like with Telegram that has become widely popular across non-tech audiences after the ban”.

Russian user from 2020 in response to Delta Chat’s rejection to satisfy Russian Internet watchdog RKN’s request for user data, via Twitter

Chatty interface with robust encryption

“Other things I know I’m late to the party on but delta-chat seems really neat, especially if you have privacy concerns, since it’s really just a specialized encryption heavy email client that presents a chat interface”

American user from 2020 recommending Delta Chat for everyday usage

Works during Internet shutdowns

“I was happy that I could get Delta Chat from the website, not just via Google Play since it was blocked in Belarus. It was a bit slow to get the apk, but once I got the app, it worked just fine. We could share some photos and even videos encrypted”

Belarusian user during protests in August 2020, via email to

Company notification system migrated

“Yes, our company have migrated all billing/outage notification systems from Telegram to Delta Chat in order to improve corporate secrecy, thus our cameras send intrusion detection alerts to a delta group chat.”

Early user from 2018 from the support forum

E-Mail always works

“I’m really happy that DeltaChat exists and that I discovered it. As a very early WhatsApp user, I quit WhatsApp because of privacy and security reasons; I still have broken contacts because of that, I do a lot of advertising for alternatives, but the market is just too fragmented. Delta is THE solution for everyone who allow at least one alternative - e-mail always works! :)

User from Germany in 2019, via e-mail to

Waiting for a long time

“A great project, I’ve been waiting for a long time for an end-to-end-encrypted chat application that gives a real alternative to the different silos like WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram etc.”

User from Germany in 2019, via e-mail to

Messaging with Cuba

“I’m going to confess my love for the application. It is really amazing, it has made me communicate more with my friends, because writing emails is really annoying for me, I prefer chat, the world prefers chat.”

User from Cuba in 2019, via e-mail to

Fully Decentralized

“At /e/ we had lots of discussion about Telegram vs Signal vs … But I must say that the best IM secured service in my opinion is @delta_chat Delta Chat is using emails to transport instant messages: it’s fully decentralized, heavily encrypted and you can reach any contact”

Gaël Duval, Founder Mandrake Linux, via Twitter

Decentralized but easy for users

“People start caring about decentralization. But it seems that for a lot of people setting servers and all to use Matrix or XMPP is too complicated while you can use Delta with just an e-mail address”

Russian user LGBT+ activist, from an online discussion over Telegram

Good old email will do just fine

“Recently I’ve come to the conclusion that the world doesn’t need yet another instant messenger. Good old email will do just fine. Use #DeltaChat with your existing email account. #decentralize the net.”

User from Poland in 2020, via Twitter

Most decentralized communication concept currently available

“Take the most decentralized communication concept currently available and put on a chat app like @delta and you’re done.”

User from Germany in 2020, via Mastodon

Open-source, Non-silo, Standard-based

“Been using @delta_chat for more than a year: great open-source/non-silo/standard-based replacement to whatsapp! Glad to know that the development is keeping pace!!”

Séverin Lemaignan in 2020, via Twitter

A default way to start chats!

“Considering to use @delta_chat as a default way to start chats! Unlike other systems it empowers people on both end with choice of the agent they want to use + interops with all the mail clients”

gozala in 2020 via Twitter

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