Delta Chat v0.9.2 feat. Autocrypt Level 1

June 28, 2017

This version implements the new Autocrypt encryption standard that was settled in Freiburg on the Hackathon in early June 2017. Delta Chat is proud being a part of this.

For the user nothing has changed: If two Delta Chat devices are used, the end-to-end-encryption using the OpenPGP standard is enabled automatically. No need to worry about keys, certificates, keyservers, asc files, revocation and so on.

But there are even more good news: As soon as Autocrypt is availabe in other mail apps - eg. Thunderbird or K-9 - the automatic encryption is also possible between Delta Chat and these apps :-)

The full list of all changes:

Still missing: Multi-device setup via Autocrypt Setup Message - and probably tons of other things.

As usual, the update will be available on F-Droid the next days.