Delta Chat v0.9.2 feat. Autocrypt Level 1

June 28, 2017 by Björn Petersen

This version implements the new Autocrypt encryption standard that was settled in Freiburg on the Hackathon in early June 2017. Delta Chat is proud being a part of this.

For the user nothing has changed: If two Delta Chat devices are used, the end-to-end-encryption using the OpenPGP standard is enabled automatically. No need to worry about keys, certificates, keyservers, asc files, revocation and so on.

But there are even more good news: As soon as Autocrypt is availabe in other mail apps - eg. Thunderbird or K-9 - the automatic encryption is also possible between Delta Chat and these apps :-)

The full list of all changes:

Still missing: Multi-device setup via Autocrypt Setup Message - and probably tons of other things.

As usual, the update will be available on F-Droid the next days.