How to support us

Delta Chat is open source and free of charge. You can contribute in many ways to bring the development further!


If you want to talk with us or other users you may:


Delta Chat development costs money. Your donation will support future improvements directly.

We need devices for test purposes. Do you have any disused Android Smartphone or iPhone? We‘d love to take it!


Help to translate the Delta Chat app or the website into your language using Transifex. Alternatively, you can download this file and send us the translated version.

We’re also searching for people who would like to maintain the Transifex page and the contact with the translators.


We are looking for open source developers who are familiar with C, Java, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux or Mac. Edit your own Delta Chat fork and send a pull request.

The same applies for this webpage - no matter if you have bigger or smaller improvements: Easily edit this page here and send us a pull request.


Currently Delta Chat is still in beta state and is only suitable for early adopters. People using it today should consider that things are changing. With Version 1.0 Delta Chat will become market-ready and a recommendation for everyone.

Bug Reports

Use the following Issue Trackers to report bugs.