❶ Install Delta Chat

Source Code
Homebrew manual install: brew install --cask deltachat
Source CodeGet portable version (experimental)
Winget install: winget install 9PJTXX7HN3PK
Source Code
Flatpak manual install: flatpak install flathub chat.delta.desktop
Arch manual install: yay -S deltachat-desktop-git
Nix manual install: nix-env -f "<nixpkgs>" -iA deltachat-desktop
Snap manual install (community maintained): sudo snap install deltachat-desktop
Ubuntu Touch
Source Code
See blog for details about this community driven effort

❷ Get an Account

You can use (almost) any email account with Delta Chat. If you need a new one, tap or scan this QR code to get a random @nine.testrun.org email address:

❸ Enter a Username and Meet Your Friends

Now you can enter a username, select a profile picture, and chat with your friends. Meet and verify them by scanning QR codes or send them an invite link.

An iOS user scanning a QR code on someone else's phone.


The desktop versions do not require Delta Chat to be installed on a phone.

Minimal requirements: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or iOS 12, iPhone 5s or iPad 5/Air/Mini 2 or Windows 10, macOS 10.15 Catalina, Ubuntu 18.04, Fedora 29 or Debian 10 or compatible systems.

Preview Builds

Preview builds may come with new bugs and should not be used productive.