Frequently Asked Questions


What is Delta Chat?

Delta Chat is a new chat app that uses e-mails for transfering messages. If you receive a chat message just use your e-mail app to read the message and reply. You are not required to sign up anywhere, go to a website or install Delta Chat.

How can i find people to chat with?

With Delta Chat, you can write to every existing e-mail address - even if the recipient is not using the Delta Chat App. This is one of the biggest differences to other messengers: There is no need for the receiver to install the same app as yours.

What are the advantages of Delta Chat compared to other messengers?

Which messages do appear in Delta Chat?

Delta Chat automatically shows …

Other messages do not appear automatically. You can see the other messages in the main menu at Contact requests and, if desired, start a chat from there.

What about Spam?

Does Delta Chat support images, videos and other attachments?

Does Delta Chat support HTML-emails?


How can I create a group?

How to add members to a group?

What is a verified group?

I have deleted myself by accident.

I do not want to receive the messages of a group any longer.


Does Delta Chat support end-to-end-encryption?

What do I have to do to activate the end-to-end-encryption?

If end-to-end-encryption is not available, is the connection not encrypted at all?

How can I check the encryption?

How can I verify the sender?

The user’s profile shows some additional information:

Which standards are used for end-to-end-encryption?

Can I re-use my existing private key?

If you don’t have a key or don’t even know you would need one - don’t worry: Delta Chat generates one as needed, you don’t have to hit a button for it.


Can I use Delta Chat on multiple devices the same time?

If you want to use the same account on different (Autocrypt capable) devices, you have to synchronize their encryption capabilities:


Does Delta Chat work with my e-mail-provider?

I’m interested in the technical details. Can you tell me more?