Delta Chat 0.9.5 - "Get your data out of there"-Release

October 08, 2017 by Björn Petersen

Here is Delta Chat 0.9.5 with a new backup functionality. The function writes all relavant data to a single file - this includes all chats, images, contacts, videos, voice messages, all files and more. When you reinstall the app later - either on another device or from another source -, you can import the exported file just in the “Welcome” screen. Very useful :)

Backup functionality screenshot

Further changes are …

… we did not finish the “reduce unwanted messages” issues and there are still some things to test for battery - however, we did not want you to wait too long for the other features - so, here it is - as always available on F-Droid in the next time.

BTW: Also this homepage is translateable - our newest language is Russian - - Спасибо, Dmitry!

And another thing: We are always searching for testing devices. If you have some older, but functional, Android or iOS (!) devices in your drawer - if you do not need them any more, feel free to send them to Delta Chat, Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 1 B, 25348 Glückstadt, Germany