Delta Chat 0.10.0, Semantic versions, APK

November 29, 2017 by Björn Petersen

New version out now

As always, the version will be available on F-Droid soon. Moreover, for real experts, we’ve added an APK download, see below.

In the next versions it is planned to target further bugs and issues. However, already now, without the memory leaks, we can see much clearer when starting eg. valgrind :)

Manual APK download

The following is for very experienced users only that really know what they’re doing. Manually installed APKs are not recommended due to a lack of automatic updates. We recommend all users to wait for the F-Droid release.

However, if you cannot wait and really know what you’re doing, you can install the Delta Chat 0.10.0 already now directly from the Github releases page.

Please note, that the F-Droid version and the Github version have different signatures. This means …

So, if you want to switch from an F-Droid release to manually installed APKs (or the other way round) without losing your chats, select “Settings / Advanced / Backup / Export backup”. After that, uninstall the app and select “Import backup” on reinstallation

We recommend F-Droid. You have been warned.