Sessions on #34C3 and other news

December 21, 2017 by Björn Petersen

Sessions on 34C3

Yes - Autocrypt and Delta Chat are on the 34th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig, Germany.

If you want to know more about these projects or if you want to get involved, we would be very glad to see you there.

The concrete events are:

Thanks to Xeniax and compl4xx for submitting :)

Transfer your key to Thunderbird

The latest Beta Version of Delta Chat (APK is available at Downloads, F-Droid-Version is pending) allows you to transfer your key from Delta Chat to other Autocrypt-compatible devices.

Already today, this works with Thunderbird and the Enigmail Nightly Build - thanks to Patrick from Enigmail for the great work.

In the near future we expect this to work with other clients and Delta Chat will also be ready to receive keys then.

Autocrypt Setup Message between Delta Chat and Thunderbird

Autocrypt Level 1 final

Yes - and the Autocrypt specification is final. From the mailing list:

“At this winter solstice day, a year after the Autocrypt effort was founded at the OnionSpace in Berlin, it appears that the first Autocrypt spec gets “1.0” final.”

We’re so happy that Delta Chat is a part of this :)

Heise (a big IT news site in Germany) has already reported about it and Posteo announced to send Autocrypt-compatible headers.

All this efforts will allow the Delta Chat users to communicate to more people encrypted - whether they’re using Delta Chat or another client.

Last, not least

With the new Albanian translation, the Delta Chat community has translated the app into 20 languages.

Without this growing community, that also helps on bugs, new features, testing, developing - here, on github and in real life - Delta Chat would not have been possible.

Have some nice days - and see you on 34C3 - or whereever :)