Delta Chat 0.14.0 - Gossip-And-Setup-Message Version

February 20, 2018 by Björn Petersen

After months of working on different things but the Autocrypt Setup Message, well, finally it is done :)

But wait - what is the Autocrypt Setup Message?

Well, the Autocrypt Setup Message solves the problem about how to transfer secret key data in an convenient and secure way to another device.

For this, one just initiates the transfer on the source device (left) and enter the displayed code on the target device (right):

Autocrypt Setup Message between two Delta Chat clients

This works with all clients implementing the new Autocrypt standard, eg. from Delta Chat (left) to Thunderbird/Enigmail (right):

Autocrypt Setup Message between Delta Chat and Thunderbird

But there are even more new features in this new release, eg. with the Gossip function, in a group chat all public keys of all recipients are sent together with encrypted messages. This allows all group members to reply encrypted without worrying about keys.
The gossip feature is not visible and works completely automatically in the background - but you will notice it in group chats by the ability to reply encrypted :)

The version is available in the Downloads section now and on F-Droid soon.

What else?