Delta Chat 0.15.0 with Voice Messages, Elevate Festival and more

February 27, 2018 by Björn Petersen

Delta Chat supports voice messages for some time, however, there were some issues with them that we have fixed in Delta Chat 0.15.0.

The voice messages should work on all devices now and the waveform should be rendered properly. To record and send a voice message, just click and hold the microphone in the lower right corner:

Voice messages in Delta Chat

Further changes can be found in the Changelog and, as always, it will take some days until the F-Droid version is updated.

Elevate Festival

Xenia and Holger are going to participate in a panel “Risk a radical shift” and a session “Riot in the Matrix – What’s next?” involving Autocrypt and Delta Chat as topics.

“The Elevate Festival is an annual festival that takes place around the Schloßberg in Graz, Austria. The aim of the festival is to create a better understanding of the most important issues of our time and to discuss groundbreaking alternatives, innovative projects, and various intiatives in the realm of civil society, social movements and dedicated activisms.” [Wikipedia]

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