Introducing the New Support Forum: Join to Help Others and Discuss Features!

August 19, 2018 by compl4xx

The Delta X Conference took place in Freiburg a few weeks ago, and a lot of cool stuff happened there. One of the things we have started there is, the new Support Forum.

On the forum, you can help each other with bugs, and discuss feature proposals. Good feedback creates good software, and your input is helping a lot. So help building the forum you need!

Discourse is an awesome software for this, and makes discussing much easier. It’s intuitive to use for non-techie users, and it’s built to support a polite and constructive discussion. Right now, users can only discuss such topics on GitHub, IRC, or the mailing list - and discourse has a lot of advantages towards them.

We don’t want to be dependent on GitHub, especially in these times. But no need to make it more complicated, of course you can login to the Forum with your GitHub account. Independence was also why the forum is self-hosted, instead of going to a hoster.

-> Join the Support Forum!

This forum is just one of the things which we initiated at Delta X. It is quite empty yet, but as we announce it now, it should be used soon. If someone asks you for help about Delta Chat, you can point them there.

Greetings from Delta X!

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