Delta Chat Released for iPhones and iPads - Get it Now at the iOS Appstore!

January 09, 2020 by compl4xx

Until yesterday, you could only use Delta Chat on Android, Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Now you can have the Delta experience on all major platforms!

With Delta Chat, you can write with everyone who has an email address. But if both people use Delta Chat, it is even more convenient; then you can use many other Delta features.

A short, non-exhaustive list what you can do with the app:

More features will come in the next months.

Add Your Friends!

If you want to write to your contacts, there are several ways:

So tell your friends to download Delta Chat as well, whether they are on iOS or not! You can get the iOS app here:

What’s Next?

Some features are still missing in the iOS version - they will follow in the next months. Some examples are sharing files with Delta Chat, and searching through your messages.

Stay tuned for new releases!

Transfering Your Setup From Desktop to iOS

If you already use Delta Chat on other devices, you can transfer your encryption setup with the “Autocrypt Setup Message”. You can find it in the settings. This way, you can read encrypted messages on all of your devices.

The Autocrypt Setup Message will only transfer your encryption keys. For transfering your entire chat history, you need to export a backup on Desktop and import it on iOS. You can find this option in the settings.

If you have problems with the app, please submit a new iOS issue or visit the support forum.

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