Shining some light on Delta Chat bots

March 26, 2020 by pabz, Jo, Lotta

A bot-like lego figurine, built by Lotta In principle it has been possible to build and run Delta Chat bots for quite a while already. But it wasn’t easy or well documented. We changed that a little bit in the last weeks, and would like to hereby push the beginning of a Delta Chat bots ecosystem into the open!

Bots in general and Delta Chat bots in particular can be very versatile — from quiz games to news channels, from sending daily reminders to managing large public groups and beyond, a lot can be done.

Also interacting with the web is possible: some of you may have noticed the option to log in to our forum using your Delta Chat mobile app. This is provided by the discourse-login-bot we wrote.

We as development team will continue to build and use bots to extend Delta Chat’s possibilities.

But we also want you to build and use Delta Chat bots.

To help you to get started we built a small website: provides an overview, links to API docs and language bindings, and explains some background details about Delta Chat’s core engine.

Additionally a new forum category for bots show-cases some existing bots, and is open for ideas, questions and discussion.

Happy bot’ting! 🤖

A bot-like lego figurine, built by Jo