Russia's request for Delta Chat user data ... declined.

May 01, 2020 by holger

On April 27th we received a letter from Roskomnadzor, the russian supervisor of communications and information technology. They requested us to provide access to Delta Chat user data and register with their state-run provider registry. We declined for the simple reason that Delta Chat developers have no access to user data whatsoever.

Delta Chat is a decentralized messenger and doesn’t have their own servers. You choose the e-mail provider which you trust yourself and we don’t know about your choices. Besides, even e-mail providers won’t see Delta Chat message contents because messages are end-to-end encrypted via Autocrypt.

Big cheers to the e-mail ecosystem which has a standardized separation of apps (MUAs) from message transport (MTAs), and a planetary-scale and diversely operated system at that … even if a little messy and slow-moving ;)

Formal answer to Russian state request for Delta Chat user data