Swipe to Reply and other Android News

November 05, 2020 by bjoern

Cold November? No! After many weeks of development and testing, Android releases have shipped, starting the new release series.

What can you expect from Delta Chat Android 1.14?

Swipe to Reply

User thumb shown swiping a message.

A long awaited feature is now here. Not much to explain — this is well known from other apps:

Just swipe any message to the right and you’ll see a quote above the compose line and you can continue writing your message as usual.

You can quote normal text and answer with text, but you can also quote e.g. images or voice messages and answer with images or voice messages :)

From the machine room

As you might know, all Delta Chat platforms share the same core library that takes care of the really hard stuff: Crypto, network, protocols, database — you get the idea.

Some art-like connected electronics on a shaded wall.

Changes in the core are not directly visible to the user. The rationale is: If you do not notice the core, it does the best job it can do.

One example:
When you set up a new account (enter e-mail and your password) this now only takes a few seconds until Delta Chat is ready to receive and send messages.

In older versions, this could easily take more than a minute!

Another example, also during setup:
Your address book now gets prefilled with e-mail-addresses you’ve already contacted in the past using the account you just log in to.

Last, not least, core handles and fixes all the differences of the different providers, that make the e-mail space as diverse and huge as it is.

This is the kind of stuff the core developers take care of. A big “thank you” for this incredible work!

Some more things

Phone screen showing alternatives for how long messages should be retained.

Some other features at a glance:

What about Desktop and iOS?

Apart from the “Machine room” chapter, this blog post is mainly about Android this time. However, iOS and Desktop updates are also in the queue, stay tuned about news there.

Try out the new releases!

Check out, get.delta.chat for the new versions.

As usual, updates reach the different stores at different times — thanks for your patience. And again, thanks a lot to all the testers, translators, developers for making this release happen 🙏

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