Chat Requests, Multi-Account, Connectivity

August 24, 2021 by bjoern

Delta Chat 1.22 is out! This post explains the most important changes in this release.

Much better Chat Requests

A screenshot with a Chat Request

When a person you have not been in contact with yet, writes to you or adds you to a group, you now get a Chat Request that appears directly in the chat list:

At any point, you can decide whether to Accept the Chat Request - in this case, the Chat Request is converted to a normal chat.

Also the normal actions work for Chat Requests now: You can decide to Pin it to not forget to handle it later - or Archive it if you do not want to think about it ;)

And, of course, you can Block or Delete the request.

Note: If you are updating from an older version of Delta Chat, you will find your old requests in the archive at the end of the chat list. Moreover, on Android and iOS, the archive is now easier accessible directly from the menu (Android) or from the settings (iOS).

Multi-Account Added or Improved

Screenshot showing Account Options

Delta Chat iOS gets Multi-Account functionality for the first time - in the settings, you can add additional accounts and switch between them easily.

Adding an account is just as easy as the initial setup.

Compared to existing, Multi-Account implementations on Android and Desktop, account switching is super-fast. No more forced waiting when selecting a different account that has some messages to download just after switching.

We could make that possible by using the new core code base, that allows running accounts concurrently. That also allows eg. group-joins being processed in the background - imagine you give someone a qr-code for a group and switch to another account just in the moment one wants to join. With the new code base, this is no longer an issue.

Good news for Delta Chat Android and Desktop - we switched also there to the same core code base.

Having the same code base on all platforms also opens several options for the future - stay curious :)

Connectivity and Quota

The third big part: We made the connectivity visible:

Screenshot showing 'Not connected' in the title bar

The title bar (Android/iOS) or a toast notification (Desktop) now shows if you are not connected for whatever reason, may it be lost WIFI or because your provider is down.

A tap on the title opens the new Connectivity View that gives you detailed information about the reason – plus some other useful information, eg. Quota information if possible by your provider.

Screenshot showing 'Connectivity view'

Get the Updates

Check out for the new versions. As always, shipping to all stores will take some time.

And as usual, the new versions include even much, much more to discover.

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