Four major usability improvements in Delta Chat 1.44

March 12, 2024 by holga, r10s, simon, link2xt, xenia, adz, zeitschlag, nami, iequidoo, adb, hagi

Delivery time! The rolling Delta Chat 1.44 releases bring four often requested usability improvements. Visit to onboard and invite anyone, instantly and securely, and without them needing an e-mail address or a phone number first. Some claim no other messenger suite today is as easy to onboard and use. True or not? In any case, we are already busy with preparing next usability improvements to avoid any doubts :)

Reactions now supported on all platforms

Select reactions to chat message

Android, Desktop, iOS and UbuntuTouch users can now send and display reactions on chat messages. Fun fact: we use the IETF RFC9078 experimental standard for transmitting reactions in e-mail. See Delta Chat standards for a list of other interoperability specs we are tapping into.

Instant message delivery on Apple iOS devices

iOS Lockscreen showing a notification

The new Delta Chat 1.44 iOS app features instant message delivery, addressing the long-lasting usability issue of “Damn it, I didn’t see your message, only after opening the app first!”. Note that instant message delivery is currently only available if you are using a chatmail address, available from three independent entities currently:, or

New Desktop Multi-account sidebar

Desktop multi-account sidebar

Desktop apps on all platforms now have a sidebar that shows and allows to select your accounts directly, and gives a direct overview of unread messages in all accounts. System notifications now work for all accounts and you may mute some accounts. For friends of Flathub releases: we fixed the annoying “crashing on notification” issue :)

You can now send invite links to establish secure contact with anyone. Go to the “QR code” icon on the main screen and tap “share” to send an invite link through any other 3rd party messaging channel. Or go to a chat group profile, tap the “QR invite” option and then “share” the link. If a receiver taps on your invite link they will be guided into joining a guaranteed end-to-end encrypted chat.

Privacy preserving statistics on Android

Submit encryption statistics to developers

Android allows to send statistics to help Delta Chat developers make guaranteed end-to-end encryption a 100% reliable and secure experience, across all your devices. You may help by going to “Advanced Settings” and “Send statistics to Delta Chat’s developers” which generates a text message that you can tap to send to the collection bot, of course with guaranteed end-to-end encryption. Rest assured, no personally identifiable data is collected as the collection bot immediately detaches the report from your sender address and sends you a “Thanks” message.

Ubuntu Touch also supports reactions and uses latest Rust core library

Ubuntu touch reactions

Delta Touch also introduced reactions and uses the latest Delta Chat core that underlies the networking, encryption, contact and chat management of all Delta Chat apps.

Other useful improvements with 1.44

For complete lists of changes see:

Please report any further bugs or issues to the forum or on our core Rust issue tracker.

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