Veelgestelde vragen

Heb je weinig tijd? Dan kun je deze hulppagina ook in de app openen, zelfs zónder internet.

Wat is Delta Chat?

Delta Chat is een nieuw soort gespreksapp waarmee je chat via e-mail, indien mogelijk extra versleuteld middels Autocrypt. Je hoeft je nergens te registreren - je kunt gewoon je bestaande e-mailaccount gebruiken.

Hoe kan ik gesprekspartners vinden?

Met Delta Chat kun je berichten schrijven naar elk bestaand e-mailadres, zelfs als de ontvanger (nog) geen gebruik maakt van de Delta Chat-app. De ontvanger hoeft dus niet per se dezelfde app te gebruiken als jij zoals bij andere chatapps.

Wat zijn de voordelen van Delta Chat t.o.v. andere gespreksapps?

Wat nu als ik een bericht verwacht van iemand die ik nog niet heb aangeschreven?

Ondersteunt Delta Chat afbeeldingen, video’s en ander soort bijlagen?

Hoe kan ik wisselen van account?

Tap the profile image in the upper left corner to switch accounts. You will also find Add Account there.

Lees ook hoe je accounts aan meerdere apparaten toevoegt.

Wie kan mijn profielfoto zien?

Can I set a Signature Text/Status/Motto with Delta Chat?

Yes, you can do so under “Settings > Profile > Signature Text”. Your contacts who use Delta Chat will see it when they view your contact details. To everyone else, It will appear as an e-mail signature below the text of all your messages.

Wat is vastmaken, negeren en archiveren?

Met deze hulpmiddelen kun je je gesprekken geordend houden:

Archiveer of maak een gesprek vast door het gesprek in kwestie lang ingedrukt te houden (Android), via het gespreksmenu (Android/computer) of door het naar links te vegen (iOS). Negeer een gesprek via het gespreksmenu (Android/computer) of het gespreksprofiel (iOS).

Wat betekent die groene stip?

How do disappearing messages work?

You can turn on “disappearing messages” in the settings of a chat, at the top right of the chat window, by selecting a time span between 1 minute and 5 weeks.

Until the setting is turned off again, each chat member’s Delta Chat app takes care of deleting the messages after the selected time span. The time span begins when the receiver first sees the message in Delta Chat. The messages are deleted both in each email account on the server, and in the app itself.

Note that you can rely on disappearing messages only as long as you trust your chat partners; malicious chat partners can take photos, or otherwise save, copy or forward messages before deletion.

Apart from that, if one chat partner uninstalls Delta Chat, the messages will not get deleted from their email account. They will most likely also not be decryptable anymore (as long as they were encrypted in the first place).


Groepen aanmaken

Deelnemers toevoegen aan een groep

Ik heb mezelf per ongeluk verwijderd

Ik wil geen groepsberichten meer ontvangen

Wat betekenen de vinkjes naast verzonden berichten?

Wat gebeurt er als ik ‘Oude berichten van server verwijderen’ inschakel?

Wat gebeurt er als ik ‘Oude berichten van server verwijderen’ inschakel?

Beveiliging en versleuteling

Welke standaarden worden gebruikt bij eind-tot-eindversleuteling?

Autocrypt is used for automatically establishing end-to-end encryption with contacts and group chats. Autocrypt uses a limited and secure subset of the OpenPGP standard. End-to-End encrypted messages are marked with a padlock padlock.

Secure-Join protocols are used for establishing chats with guaranteed end-to-end encryption which protects against network attacks and compromised servers. Chats marked with a green checkmark green checkmark guarantee end-to-end encrypted messages.

How can i know if messages are end-to-end encrypted?

All end-to-end encrypted messages carry a padlock:

padlock in bubble

End-to-end encryption is guaranteed if there is a green checkmark next to the chat title:

green checkmark in title

How can I get guaranteed end-to-end encryption and green checkmarks?

Meet your chat partner outside Delta Chat, preferably in person but a second channel like a video chat or a different messenger is fine as well. Perform the following QR show/scan procedure with your chat partner. One of you is the “Inviter”, the other is the “Joiner”.

Inviter side:

Joiner side:

If the QR code scanning doesn’t work in your situation, you can also Share (or Copy to Clipboard) an equivalent invite link to the other person through a second channel.

Both Inviter and Joiner:

Wait while Secure-Join network messages are exchanged between both devices.

Congratulations! You now will automatically use guaranteed end-to-end encryption with this contact and both of you can add each other to green-checkmarked groups green checkmark, thereby automatically spreading guaranteed end-to-end encryption among its members.

What does the green checkmark and “guaranteed end-to-end encryption” mean?

Chat titles with green checkmarks green checkmark mean that all messages in the chat will be end-to-end encrypted and can not be read or altered by compromised e-mail servers or Internet providers. Joining green-checkmarked group chats safely spreads everybody’s encryption information (and green checkmarks) in a manner that guarantees end-to-end encryption in the group and among members.

Contact profiles with green checkmarks green checkmark mean that messaging a contact is currently guaranteed to be end-to-end encrypted. Every green-checkmarked contact either did a direct QR-scan with you or was introduced by a another green-checkmarked contact. Introductions happen automatically when adding members to groups. Whoever adds a contact to a green-checkmarked group becomes an introducer to those members who didn’t yet know about the added contact. In a contact profile you can tap on the “Introduced by …” text repeatedly until you get to the one with whom you directly did a QR-scan.

Note that in a contact profile you may see and tap introducers but there is no green checkmark in the profile title. This usually means that the contact “sent a message from another device”.

For more in-depth discussion of “guaranteed end-to-end encryption” please see Secure-Join protocols and specifically read about “Verified Groups”, the technical term of what is called here “green-checkmarked” or “guaranteed end-to-end encrypted” chats.

A contact “sent a message from another device”, what can i do?

Your chat with a contact lost guaranteed end-to-end encryption. The green checkmark was removed for this chat and contact when you see this warning. If you find the sudden drop of guaranteed end-to-end encryption surprising for this contact then don’t accept the warning! Instead check with your contact through a second channel like a video call, other messenger or a phone call, to find out what happened.

If your contact actually caused the drop of guaranteed end-to-end encryption please see the next paragraphs for common reasons and their mitigations. Regardless, all other green-checkmarked chats remain guaranteed end-to-end encrypted even if the contact is a member there.

Your contact is using Delta Chat on a second device (phone or laptop)

If they have another device with a Delta Chat app running, they should remove the account from the new device and add it as a second device as described here. As soon as they message you afterwards, the warning will be gone and guaranteed encryption is established with both devices of your contact.

Your contact reinstalled Delta Chat using their old account login

If they have a backup file, they should remove the account from the new device and rather import the backup file to re-create their account. As soon as they message you afterwards, the warning will be gone and guaranteed encryption is re-established for this contact.

If they don’t have a backup file, it’s best to perform a QR scan with your chat partner to re-establish guaranteed end-to-end encryption.

Your contact sent a mail through a webmail interface or another e-mail app and will get back to using Delta Chat soon again.

If you are sure that the contact sometimes uses webmail, or another mail app lacking end-to-end encryption, then you may accept the warning. As soon as your contact uses Delta Chat again, guaranteed end-to-end encryption will be automatically re-established.

Your contact stopped using Delta Chat entirely

Sometimes remaining in contact is more important than end-to-end encryption. “Transport Layer Encryption” (TLS) may still meaningfully protect the confidentiality of your messages between your device and the e-mail server. But without end-to-end encryption you and your contact are trusting your e-mail server to not read or manipulate your messages, and to not hand them to third parties.

In any case, you can not do much else than accept the warning. Please also remove the contact from any active green-checkmarked group which you can find in “Shared chats” in the Contact profile. This spares your contact from getting “unreadable” messages.

If the contact removed Delta Chat because of buggy or undesirable behaviour, please consider posting to our support forum to help us identify and address common problems. Thanks!

Are attachments (pictures, files, audio etc.) end-to-end encrypted?


When we talk about an “end-to-end encrypted message” we always mean a whole message is encrypted, including all the attachments and attachment metadata such as filenames.

Is OpenPGP secure?

Yes, Delta Chat uses a secure subset of OpenPGP and only displays a padlock security indicator on a message if the whole message is properly encrypted and signed. For example, “Detached signatures” are not treated as secure.

OpenPGP is not insecure by itself. Most publically discussed OpenPGP security problems actually stem from bad usability or bad implementations of tools or apps (or both). It is particularly important to distinguish between OpenPGP, the IETF encryption standard, and GnuPG (GPG), a command line tool implementing OpenPGP. Many public critiques of OpenPGP actually discuss GnuPG which Delta Chat has never used. Delta Chat rather uses the OpenPGP Rust implementation rPGP, available as an independent “pgp” package, and security-audited in 2019.

We aim, along with other OpenPGP implementors, to further improve security characteristics by implementing the new IETF OpenPGP Crypto-Refresh which was thankfully adopted in summer 2023.

Did you consider using alternatives to OpenPGP for end-to-end -encryption?

Yes, we are following efforts like MLS or Saltpack but adopting them would mean breaking end-to-end encryption interoperability with all other e-mail apps that typically support OpenPGP encryption. So it would not be a light decision to take and there must be tangible improvements for users.

Delta Chat takes a holistic “usable security” approach and works with a wide range of activist groupings as well as renowned researchers such as TeamUSEC to improve actual user outcomes against security threats. The wire protocol and standard for establishing end-to-end encryption is only one part of “user outcomes”, see also our answers to device-seizure and message-metadata questions.

Is Delta Chat vulnerable to EFAIL?

No, Delta Chat never was vulnerable to EFAIL because its OpenPGP implementation rPGP uses Modification Detection Code when encrypting messages and returns an error if the Modification Detection Code is incorrect.

Delta Chat also never was vulnerable to the “Direct Exfiltration” EFAIL attack because it only decrypts multipart/encrypted messages which contain exactly one encrypted and signed part, as defined by the Autocrypt Level 1 specification.

Is a message exposed in cleartext if end-to-end encryption is not available?

Even if your messages are not guaranteed to be end-to-end encrypted, they are still protected from Internet providers like cell or cable companies. However, your and your recipient’s e-mail providers may read, analyze or even modify your messages, including any attachments, if they are not end-to-end encrypted.

Delta Chat by default uses strict TLS encryption which secures connections between your device and your e-mail provider. All of Delta Chat’s TLS-handling has been independently security audited. Moreover, the connection between your and the recipient’s e-mail provider will typically be transport-encrypted as well. If the involved e-mail servers support MTA-STS then transport encryption will be enforced between e-mail providers in which case Delta Chat communications will never be exposed in cleartext to the Internet even if the message was not end-to-end encrypted.

Note that maintaining guaranteed end-to-end encryption on top of TLS encryption provides pervasive safety between your and the recipient’s devices. Not even your e-mail or Internet provider will be able to read or modify your messages.

How does Delta Chat protect metadata in messages?

Delta Chat protects most message metadata by putting the following information into the end-to-end encrypted part of messages:

E-Mail servers do not get access to this protected metadata but they do see the message date as well as the message size, and, more importantly, the sender and receiver addresses. E-mail servers need receiver addresses to route and deliver messages to recipient’s devices.

How to protect metadata and contacts when a device is seized?

Both for protecting against metadata-collecting e-mail servers as well as against the threat of device seizure we recommend to use a Delta Chat optimized e-mail server instance to create pseudonymous temporary accounts through QR-code scans. Note that Delta Chat apps on all platforms support multiple accounts so you can easily use action-specific “1-week” or “1-month” accounts next to your “main” account with the knowledge that all temporary account data, along with all metadata, will be deleted. Moreover, if a device is seized then contacts using temporary e-mail accounts can not be identified easily, as compared to messengers which reveal phone numbers in chat groups which in turn are often associated with legal identities.

How can i check encryption information?

You may check the end-to-end encryption status manually in the “Encryption” dialog (user profile on Android/iOS or right-click a user’s chat-list item on desktop). Delta Chat shows two fingerprints there. If the same fingerprints appear on your own and your contact’s device, the connection is safe.

How can I check the encryption status of messages?

A little padlock in a message bubble denotes that the message was properly end-to-end encrypted from the given sender. If there is no padlock, the message was not properly end-to-end encrypted most likely because the sender uses an app or webmail interface without support for end-to-end–encryption.

Why do I see unencrypted messages?

If a contact uses a non-Autocrypt e-mail app, all messages involving this contact (in a group or 1:1 chat) will not be end-to-end encrypted, and thus not show a “padlock” with messages. Note that even if your contacts use Delta Chat on their account, they might also use a non-Autocrypt e-mail app on that account which then may cause intermittently unencrypted messages. Replying unencrypted to unencrypted messages is mandated by Autocrypt to prevent unreadable messages on the side of your contacts and their non-Autocrypt e-mail app.

How can i get an end-to-end encrypted chat with a Delta Chat contact who sometimes uses webmail or another non-Autocrypt e-mail app?

If you need a safely end-to-end encrypted chat with a contact who is using their account both with Delta Chat and non-Autocrypt apps (e.g. webmail), it’s best to setup guaranteed end-to-end encryption with them and then create a guaranteed end-to-end encrypted group chat with you two as members. In this group chat all messages will be end-to-end encrypted even if the direct chat between you two has a “… sent a message from another device” warning.

How can I ensure message end-to-end encryption and deletion?

The best way to ensure every message is end-to-end encrypted, and metadata deleted as quickly as possible is using chats with guaranteed end-to-end encryption and turning on disappearing messages.

Guaranteed end-to-end encrypted chats protect against MITM attacks and turning on disappearing messages deletes the messages on the server after a user-configured time.

If you don’t need a longer-lived copy of your messages on the server, you can also turn on “delete messages from server automatically”.

Does Delta Chat support Perfect Forward Secrecy?

No, Delta Chat doesn’t support Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS). This means that if your Delta Chat private decryption key is leaked, and someone has collected your prior in-transit messages, they will be able to decrypt and read them using the leaked decryption key.

Note, however, that if anyone obtains to your decryption keys, they will typically also be able to obtain your messages, irrespective if Perfect Forward Secrecy is in place or not. The typical real-world situation for leaked decryption keys is device seizure which we discuss in our answer on metadata and device seizure.

It is possible that Delta Chat evolves to support Perfect Forward Secrecy, because OpenPGP is just a container for encrypted messages but encryption key management (and thus key rotation or key “ratcheting”) could be organized in flexible ways. See Seqouia’s PFS prototype for existing experiments in the OpenPGP implementor community.

Is end-to-end encryption of Delta Chat as safe as Signal?

It depends on what is important to you. Delta Chat does not support PFS like Signal does but it provides guaranteed end-to-end encrypted chats that are safe against compromised servers or corrupted networks. Signal and most other PFS-supporting messengers do not provide a practical scheme for protecting chat groups from network attacks which are arguably more worrysome than a potential attacker who seizes your phone and private encryption setup but somehow not your messages, yet has a full record of all past encrypted messages.

In any case, Delta Chat’s end-to-end encryption uses a secure subset of OpenPGP which has been independently security-audited.

Kan ik mijn bestaande privésleutel hergebruiken?

Yes. The best way is to send an Autocrypt Setup Message from the other e-mail client. Look for something like Start Autocrypt Setup Transfer in the settings of the other client and follow the instructions shown there.

Alternatively, you can import the key manually in “Settings -> Advanced settings -> Import secret keys”. Caution: Make sure the key is not protected by a password, or remove the password beforehand.

If you don’t have a key or don’t even know you would need one - don’t worry: Delta Chat generates keys as needed, you don’t have to hit a button for it.

Ik kan mijn bestaande PGP-sleutel niet importeren

Het is goed mogelijk dat je sleutel versleuteld is en/of een wachtwoord vereist. Zulke sleutels worden niet ondersteund. Verwijder de versleuteling en het wachtwoord en probeer het opnieuw.

Another common error is having the wrong file ending. Use the ASCII armored format and an .asc file ending.

Delta Chat heeft ondersteuning voor alle veelvoorkomende OpenPGP-privésleutelformaten. Echter, het in onmogelijk om álle soorten sleutels te ondersteunen. Onze aandacht gaat hier dan ook niet naar uit. Sterker nog: de meeste gebruikers hebben (nog) geen sleutel. We doen ons best om zo veel mogelijk sleutels te ondersteunen.

Door het verwijderen van het wachtwoord kan de sleutels afhankelijk van de gebruikte software, veranderd zijn. In Enigmail kun je je wachtwoord leeglaten in het sleutelbeheervenster. Met GnuPG kun je het instellen middels de opdracht- regel. Voor andere programma’s kun je zélf een oplossing zoeken op internet.

Heeft Delta Chat ooit onafhankelijke beveiligingscontroles ondergaan?

The Delta Chat project underwent four independent security audits and one independent security analysis, from most recent to older:


Kan ik Delta Chat op meerdere apparaten tegelijk gebruiken?

Ja, Delta Chat 1.36 bevat een nieuwe, experimentele functie om hetzelfde account op meerdere apparaten te gebruiken:

In tegenstelling tot veel andere gespreksapps, werkt Delta Chat onafhankelijk op beide apparaten. Hierdoor hoef je niet het ene apparaat bij de hand te hebben om het andere te laten werken.


Manual Transfer

Deze methode is vooral bedoeld voor situaties waarin ‘Tweede apparaat toevoegen’ niet lukt.

Bestaan er plannen om een Delta Chat-webclient te maken?

webxdc apps

In Delta Chat, you can share webxdc apps, attachments with an .xdc file extension. They can do very different things, and make Delta Chat a truly extendable messenger.

How private are webxdc apps?

Where can I get webxdc apps?

How can I create my own webxdc apps?

Experimentele functies

We are very grateful for feedback on these features - do you want to share your ideas? Join the Forum to contribute. You may conveniently login via Delta Chat and a QR code scan, another rather stable experiment we run on the side (sic!).

Hoe kan ik audio- en videogesprekken voeren in Delta Chat?

Wat zijn verzendlijsten en hoe gebruik ik deze?

Hoe kan ik mijn locatie delen met anderen?

Wat beveiligt de experimentele databankversleuteling precies?

Waarom kan ik kiezen om alleen de DeltaChat-map te controleren?

Dit is een experimentele functie voor mensen die problemen ervaren met bepaalde serverregels. Niet alle providers ondersteunen dit, maar bij sommige kun je alle e-mails met een ‘Chatversie’-kop verplaatsen naar de DeltaChat-map. Normaal doet de Delta Chat-app dit uit zichzelf.

Dit is handig als jullie beide:

In dat geval kan Delta Chat Postvak IN negeren en alleen nieuwe gesprekken in de Delta Chat-map te zoeken.

Hoe kan ik mijn e-mailadres veranderen in de app?

  1. Change your address in “Settings → Advanced → Password and Account” and enter the password of your new account (and if necessary, server settings). You will get an information notice about the fact that you are moving to a new address. An additional notice will also show up in your “Device messages” chat.

  2. If possible, let your old e-mail provider forward all messages to your new address.

  3. Tell your contacts that you changed your address. Writing to guaranteed end-to-end encrypted chats and groups, will make them notice your move automatically and they will continue chatting with you using your new address.

Note that Delta Chat will not retrieve messages anymore from your old e-mail provider. If you didn’t configure your e-mail provider to forward messages (step 2.) only those contacts to whom you sent a message in a guaranteed end-to-end encrypted chat will send messages to your new address.

To learn more about this the details behind this, read our blogpost on it.


Welke Android-rechten heeft Delta Chat nodig?

Op bepaalde besturingssystemen kun je gevraagd worden bepaalde rechten toe te kennen aan de app. Delta Chat doet het volgende met deze rechten:

Wordt mijn e-mailprovider ondersteund door Delta Chat?

Ik wil mijn eigen e-mailserver opzetten. Hoe kan ik dat het beste doen?

Waarom moet ik mijn e-mailwachtwoord invoeren in Delta Chat? Is dat wel veilig?

Delta Chat heeft, net zoals andere e-mailprogramma’s (Thunderbird, K9-Mail, Outlook, etc.), je wachtwoord nodig om berichten te versturen. Het wordt alleen opgeslagen op je apparaat en alleen uitgewisseld met je e-mailprovider, die toch al toegang heeft tot je mails.

Als je een e-mailprovider gebruikt die OAuth2 ondersteunt, zoals Gmail of Yandex, dan hoeft je wachtwoord niet lokaal te worden opgeslagen. Er wordt dan alleen een toegangssleutel gebruikt.

Delta Chat is open source. Dit betekent dat je de bron- code kunt bekijken om er zeker van te zijn dat er veilig wordt omgegaan met je inloggegevens. We ontvangen graag feedback hierover.

Delta Chat gebruik e-mail. Is het dan wel een Instant Messenger?

Welke berichten vind ik terug in Delta Chat?

Standaard toont Delta Chat alle e-mails.

At “Settings → Advanced → Show Classic E-Mails”, you can change this. You have these options:

Ondersteunt Delta Chat HTML-e-mails?

Can I set the E-Mail Subject with Delta Chat?

Delta Chat sets (and encrypts!) the classic e-mail subject automatically to the group name or to the sender name.

So if you want to set the subject yourself, for example for a formal e-mail to a business contact, you can create a group with only yourself and the recipient(s). Set the Chat Title to the Subject you want, and then send your e-mail as the first message. If the recipients don’t use Delta Chat, it will look like a normal, formal e-mail to them. You will get bonus professionalism points if you set a signature text.

Waarvoor dient de optie ‘Kopie versturen aan mijzelf’?

Door een kopie aan jezelf te sturen, weet je zeker dat je je eigen berichten op alle apparaten ontvangt. Als je meerdere apparaten hebt en dit niet inschakelt, dan zie je alleen berichten van anderen en de berichten die je vanaf het huidige apparaat verstuurt.

De kopie wordt verstuurd naar je Postvak IN en vervolgens verplaatst naar de DeltaChat-map - het verschijnt nooit in de map ‘Verzonden’. Delta Chat werkt zo omdat het bericht anders twee keer verstuurd zou worden (eenmaal middels smtp, en eenmaal middels imap naar de map ‘Verzonden’).

The default setting for “Send Copy to Self” is “on”.

Waarom kan ik kiezen om de map ‘Verzonden’ te controleren?

Dit is alleen nuttig als een ander e-mailprogramma (zoals Thunderbird) naast de Delta Chat-app gebruikt en wilt dat je andere apparaten deel uitmaken van gesprekken.

Wij raden echter aan om in dat geval de Delta Chat-app te installeren op je computer: De optie om de map ‘Verzonden’ te controleren wordt in de toekomst mogelijk verwijderd. De functie deed zijn intrede toen er nog niet op alle platformen een Delta Chat-client beschikbaar was.

Waarom kan ik kiezen om de DeltaChat-map te negeren?

Sommige mensen gebruiken Delta Chat als een normale e-mailclient en willen daarom Postvak IN gebruiken voor hun e-mail in plaats van de DeltaChat-map. Als je deze optie uitschakelt, schakel dan ook de optie ‘Berichten verplaatsen naar de DeltaChat-map’ uit. Anders kun je mogelijk geen berichten verwijderen of problemen ervaren op andere apparaten.

Is Delta Chat compatibel met Protonmail/Tutanota/Criptext?

Hoe kan ik mijn account verwijderen?

Delta Chat maakt gebruik van je e-mailaccount, dus de verwijderprocedure is afhankelijk van je provider. We hebben geen zeggenschap over je account, dus helaas kunnen we je daar niet bij helpen.

Als je je account wilt behouden maar Delta Chat niet wilt verwijderen, verlaat dan groeps- gesprekken voordat je Delta Chat verwijdert.

Ik wil graag meer weten over de gebruikte technieken. Waar kan ik meer informatie vinden?

Hoe wordt de ontwikkeling van Delta Chat gefinancierd?

Delta Chat ontvangt geen risicokapitalen, staat niet onder bewindvoering en ervaart geen enkele druk om winst te maken of om gebruikers en hun vrienden door te verkopen aan adverteerders (of erger). We maken gebruik van publieke financieringsprocessen, zoals EU- en VS-financiering, om ons doel, het opzetten van een gedecentraliseerd en divers gesprekssysteem, te verwezenlijken, op basis van vrije en opensource-gemeenschapsontwikkelingen.

De Delta Chat-ontwikkeling wordt tot op heden gefinancierd door deze grote spelers:

Geld doneren

Bovenstaande fiancieringen zijn opgezet door merlinux GmbH in Freiburg (Duitsland) en daarna toegekend aan meer dan 12 vrijwilligers wereldwijd.

Bekijk Delta Chats bijdraagmogelijkheden om te zien hoe je een financiële of andere bijdrage kunt leveren.