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A qui puc escriure?

Quins son els avantatges de Delta Chat comparat amb altres programes de missatgeria?

Què passa si el receptor no usa Delta Chat?

Quins missatges es mostren al Delta Chat?

Delta Chat mostra automàticament…

Els altres missatges no es mostren automàticament. Pots veure aquests altres missatges al menú principal a Peticions de contacte i, si vols, començar un xat des d’allí.

##Què passa amb l’spam?

Does Delta Chat support images, videos and other attachments?

Does Delta Chat support HTML-emails?


How can I create a group?

Who can add members to a group?

I have deleted myself by accident.

I do not want to receive the messages of a group any longer.


Does Delta Chat have an end-to-end-encryption?

What do I have to do to activate the end-to-end-encryption?

If end-to-end-encryption is not available, is the connection not encrypted at all?

How can I check the encryption?

How can I verify the sender?

The user’s profile shows some additional information:

Which standards are used for end-to-end-encryption?

Can I re-use by existing private key?

If you don’t have a key or don’t even know you would need one - don’t worry: Delta Chat generates one as needed, you have to do nothing.


Can I use Delta Chat on multiple devices the same time?


Delta Chat on Linux Desktop

Login Issues

I have a problem with …

I’m interested in the technical details. Can you tell me more?