New stable Delta Chat Android with improved group-profiles, video recording, notifications, ...

June 28, 2019 by bjørn, holga

A new and much enhanced Android version (0.500.0) is released and available on Google-Play and soon F-droid. It is the most feature-rich, UX-refined and robust version of Delta Chat to date and incorporates chinese translations now, along with updates to 19 other localizations. There now is a revamped Chat profile view which combines gallery, document, settings and member list in a new tab layout, apart from allowing to see “shared chats” with individual contacts.

Other major highlights are:

See the Android changelog for a more detailed overview - and also note the list of all the people who have contributed to this version, thanks a thousand times!

On the download page you’ll also find the Delta Chat Desktop releases from yesterday. Delta Chat is multi-device capable.

You are very welcome to contribute PRs or concise bug reports but note that feature discussions usually happens first on the support forum.