Delta Chat iOS is catching up!

February 04, 2021 by bjoern, paula (screenshots)

Delta Chat iOS is available since about a year now 🎉 —
while being nicely usable and working, compared to the more mature Android and Desktop versions, some UI-features were just missing from our iOS app. Note that all platforms share the same, stable Rust-core so you can expect the same core functionality and stability that our longer evolving Android and Desktop apps enjoy.

With the releases of the lasts months and with the brand new iOS 1.16 release we were closing several gaps and added lots of features to the iOS user-interface:

Context menus and multi select

These menus are available since iOS 13 and they are a good example why native UI development rules for every-day-apps as messengers - they just look, feel and work better than platform-independent compromises.

Screenshots of iOS context menus

Send images with text and edit images

Screenshots of iOS image sending options

What else?

Currently, we are working on improving background notifications - depending how often you use Delta Chat and depending on how many other apps you have installed, iOS does not allow us to check for new messages as we would like to do. This is a known issue and there are ongoing efforts to address the issue – stay tuned :)

Finally, it is worth mentioning, that, despite all these new features the minimal requirements have not changed: iOS 11, iPhone 5s or iPad 5/Air/Mini are still sufficient.
Although supporting old systems is quite some additional work, we have resisted the temptation to increase requirements several times. So, existing devices can be continued for everyone’s benefit (maybe beside Apple’s :)

Try out the new iOS releases!

As always, you’ll find the new iOS version in Apple’s App Store.

Are you maybe interested in testing new features? Maybe even happy to report bugs? Check out for new beta releases, in Apple’s Testflight.

Finally, of course, if you do not use an Apple device: Delta Chat is available for lots of other platforms.

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