Updates on Accounts, Downloads, Group-Joins, Search and more

November 17, 2021 by björn, kasha (cat)

Yip, Delta Chat 1.24 is out for Android and iOS:

Android’s new Account Switcher

Screenshot with Account Switcher

Some more steps in our ongoing effort in multi-account improvements:

For iOS, account switching is done in the settings, however, some of the ideas will probably also find its way to iOS.

In case you missed the last blogpost: Multi-account runs concurrently meanwhile - which made things as the unread message counter possible in the first place :)

Download on Demand

Screenshot with Auto-Download options

Have you ever been annoyed by a large download blocking you doing more important things in a bad network? Or eating your mobile contingent?

If so, this feature is for you!

Instead of downloading all messages unconditionally you can advice Delta Chat to just show a placeholder and a “Download” button for messages larger than some threshold.

Then, you can manually start download when it really fits.

This works for all messages, no matter if they were sent with Delta Chat or with a classical e-mail program.


Screenshot with Account Switcher

When scanning a QR code that brings you to a group, you now immediately see that group in your chat list, no matter if the involved devices are online or not.

The real handshake runs completely in the background then, not blocking you from doing much more important things, as checking out which emoji to chose for your birthday invitation 🎉

Search was not really mentioned in the last posts, but there were lots of improvements over the last versions as well. Some recent changes:

Photo of a cat
“All that you say could be true. What else?”

Words from a super-sceptical cat … but well, something’s left, indeed:

Get the Updates

Check out get.delta.chat for the new versions. As always, shipping to all stores will take some time.

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